PUBLICATION BOARD ASSAM is a literary institution established by the Government of Assam on 2nd of May, 1958. It was formed under the aegis of Bimala Prasad Chaliha, Moinul Haque Choudhury, Debeswar Sarmah, and Suresh Chandra Rajkhowa, the then Chief Minister, Minister for Agriculture, Minister for Education and DPI respectively. A resolution moved by Moinul Haque Choudhury on behalf of Debeswar Sarmah, the Minister for Education regarding the formation of the literary institution in the State Assembly was adopted unanimously.

The first Board was constituted on 30th of October, 1958 and Biswanarayan Shastri, the distinguished Sanskrit scholar and prominent writer, was appointed as the Special Officer to the Government of Assam and the Secretary, Publication Board, Assam.

Aims and Objects :

The Board has the following aims and objects :
(i) To sponsor, encourage and assist in writing, editing, compilong, translatingand publishing important books in the languages of the State and in English and do such other work as may be found necessary from time to time in the fulfilment of these purposes of the Board.

(ii) To appoint, for a specific period of time, whether on whole-time basis or part-time, on payment of honorarium, etc., such scholars and writers as may be found necessary for compilation of such works as Encyclopaedia, editing of rare books and writing of other important books and their publication.

(iii) To arrange for circulation, sale and disposal of the books published by or under the auspices of the Board.

(iv) To declare awards or certificates of merit to outstanding outhors.

(v) To enter into agreements with authors and owners of copyright for publication of books.

The Board Management
The management of the Board is vested with a Governing Body composed of the Hon’ble Minister for Education, Assam, as the Chairman and a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary and other members being nominated to it. The body of the Board consists of prominent writers and educationists of the state as member.