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অসম প্ৰকাশন পৰিষদৰ ছপাযোগ্য ‘বাণীকান্ত’ অসমীয়া ইউনিক’ড ফণ্ট
“Banikanta” printable Assamese Unicode Font Family
How to download, install:
Click on the Download Button on Home Page or go to Download option. After clicking Banikanta Zip fie will be downloaded. Extract the Zip file, having three font files, Banikanta Regular, Baniknta Bold and Banikanta Italic. Select three files and Right Click on selected files and install.   
How to use:
Since the Banikanta Fonts are UNICODE Fonts, it requires an Assamese Typing Tool (Keyboard), you can download free Assamese Typing tool from this link
Rasaraj Rupantarak
This software requires Microsoft .net framework 2.0 or higher version. Windows computers generally have this framework pre-installed. However, If your computer doesn’t have the required version of Microsoft .net framework already installed, a message about this will be displayed on your computer screen while trying to install Ras̆arãj Rupãntarak. In that case, you can freely download Microsoft .net framework 2.0 SP2 from this link and install it on your computer.
 How To install:
After downloading the file ,Unzip it and keep the file in your desktop and its ready to use .